About the Show

Chew on This podcast will allow listeners to get a front row seat at the behind the scenes storylines from an eclectic range of exciting celebrity guests in the world of Music, Film, TV and Sports. This podcast will afford Ray an established platform where lifestyle, brand and genuine conversations intersect. Whether you’re looking to build a career as a musician or just interested in taking a peek behind the curtain of pop culture, Chew On This will showcase unique perspectives on current events and exciting guests.

Ray Chew has played on and produced multiple platinum and gold records. He is currently serving as a NARAS Governor, and sits on several committees on both the New York & National boards. Ray Chew performs at the helm of award winning live & televised music events featuring A-list artists spanning multiple genres. As current Music Director of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” Ray brings his brand of top-notch musical arrangements to the show. His many TV credits include: · Fox’s “American Idol” · Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade · BET Awards, BET Honors, BET Celebration of Gospel · Miss USA, Miss Universe · Primetime Emmys